Redemption ( Am Ch Carrickaneena Slieve Gullion) and his sons

I’ve been sent some photographs of Redemption sons recently, so thought I would post them here together with some reminisces about the dog, and how these litters came about.

Dagmar Kenis Pordham was the first to use this USA import, it was her Solstrand Unity’s third and final litter and Unity had produced puppies with many of her good attributes previously. Fingers crossed her progeny inherit her longelivity, Unity’s eleventh birthday is in October 13. Arthur followed his sire in being a red brindle live wire puppy. It was next to impossible to get a halfway decent photograph of him, he was so busy and thrilled whenever humans came into view. By the time he was decently trained and behaved himself on the lead – and would get into a car- he wasnt particularly enthused by the showing idea.

Solstrand Arthur Ardfuail winning a strong open dog class Birmingham Nat May13
Solstrand Arthur Ardfuail winning a strong open dog class Birmingham Nat May13

Solstrand stud dogs have made a huge contribution to the Irish Wolfhounds of the home kennel (and too many others to list) for many generations, and it may be that Arthur’s influence will be as strong as that of its other key sires such as Kasper and Shadow ( Kilmara). Arthur has won a challenge certificate and is noted for his excellent bone and construction, yet he isnt much shown as it bores him. As a stud dog its been a different matter, his seven litters have made him top sire with a stonking number of points for 2012 based upon the wins of his progeny. He’s also kept up his kennel’s tradition of winning the Typical Head Cup at breed championship shows. Every one of his litters has contained something worth presenting in the rings, and his  son Ch Mascotts Another Stripe made a very early championship. Stripey’s sister Ch Another Dreamer has a superb career too, winning far more best of breeds, including Crufts, than girls usually do. At most shows in the UK Arthur children dominate the winning line ups, its quite usual to see four or more of them in first places with very often a handle on the big green and white cards too.

Redemption’s next litter was a litter ex one of Chris McLeod’s beautiful Brachan girls, this should have been a stunning litter as it was linebred to the famous Seplecur line belonging to Chris and the late Gordon Crane. One dog puppy stood away and was almost enough for Chippy to agree to retain ( this family of hounds is always continued through the female line). “Toedy” instead went to Germany and became a champion there. His owner Dagmar Deitrich takes a photograph every day of her beloved in one context or another, this is the dog on a recent walk freely standing.

a german champion ( etc)

Redemption’s third litter to Rainster Tolly was conceived when I was in the States watching the Dallas National Speciality, our lovely dog sitter Nina assisted Diane Redfern and we were assured Redemption needed no help whatsoever ( he was always very fast to catch his girls, and never missed !). I was interested in this combination as there was  distant line breeding to the late Maggie Wilkin’s Clonara / Clonmagara kennel through Redemption’s grandmother Alia ( Ch Ascara’s sister, by Ch Klint). The last of the Clonmagaras lived out exceptionally long lives at Rainster and are behind Tolly. A huge litter resulted, and I went to see this litter of bright golden brindles several times. Ruby returned with me as the ” stud fee puppy” and won a reserve CC as a youngster, she is a wonderful mover.

Back at home three dog puppies were retained together with one bitch. One of these dogs was a skinny and lanky puppy who moved really well – but otherwise, his brothers were always preferred to him and he never made the “cut” amongst those who chose their own dog puppies from the litter. Rory grew up – and up- and was shown as a yearling. It took him a while for his chest to drop and also for a handler to be found to match his enormous stride. Once he sorted himself out a great partnership was forged with Caroline Sheppard, who handled him to his first challenge certificates before handing him back to his ” mother” to win some more with him. Ch Rainster Rory has in turn sired some beautiful puppies and was top winning wolfhound in 2011.

The last person to use Redemption was Helga Muller, whose Temair kennel in Germany added another large litter to the tally, and Ch Germany to his list of champions.

Looking back to 4th June 2005. I took a call from Eileen Flanagan which gave me the complete shock of learning the semen I sent her back in the early 90s had finally achieved a result – and thirteen puppies on my birthday out of her best champion, how could I resist ? The boys were all entire by five and a half weeks too, all seven of them.

Redemption “stayed in the USA” as semen is stored at Carrickaneena, and he sired two litters before leaving for the UK.

I wonder now what the IW in the UK would look like today without his influence. Redemption’s long lived and heavily boned maternal Carrickaneena line has provided its legacy of better than usual strength of bone, great size and substance, brave and  trustworthy temperaments. Redemption’s sire Ch Mochras Ipse Facto was the best dog I ever bred, and for his size a superb mover with a huge chest and fabulous quarters and neck strength. Half or more of the big Carrickaneena litter achieved their USA titles and a full brother is a Grand Champion.

I have saved some A.I. doses on Redemption, but it may well be twenty years before I access it again. It will take a long time for his influence to wane, and I hope he isnt line bred to – he’s far too dominant across UK bloodlines as it is. Too many good sons from too few beautifully bred bitches. Its quite a legacy, and I am not complaining – but do see the big picture and use all the available long lived lines, not only this winning one !


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