If you use Facebook you can find our page at “Mochrashounds”.  I use it a lot, as its so fast to download photographs and video clips, which I place there on a weekly basis. 

Do you own a Mochras Hound, or are you friends with me already?

If so, please let me know your Facebook identity and I will link you into our closed “Group”, where Mochrashound owners meet their “litter mates” and share information and photographs, and you can ask for advice or information if necessary.

I like to add “our” owners into the community group as I love to keep in touch with the “fauve family”. A big thank you to all the Mochrashound puppy owners for indulging me,  its wonderful to see your photos and videos and the group is happy to share experiences with the breed with anyone who asks. Its been great that some owners live near enough to each other to join up with their  nearest “mochrashound” relative for dog walks etc.

Always eager to publicise chances to meet – and dog shows will often be the place to find us. Another huge thank you to companion Mochrashounds for going to their nearest dog shows and supporting the breed entry. If anyone is interested, the shows are usually at weekends and held all over the country – look at or google highampress for venues, dates and entry closing dates or ask me for more details.

We held our first “mochrashound” walk in October 14, eleven owners with their dogs enjoyed an amble around the local countryside followed by a sunday lunch at the pub. Dates and venues for the next walk will be publicised later.

I like to gather a litter together when the puppies are around six months old, partly to see how they are growing up ( do they ever grow as expected !) but very much more as a fun day for hounds and owners. Party games are laid on, but its more usual for the littermates to fall upon each other with glee and play themselves into a stupor while the owners catch up with each other in ” real time”.


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