2013 Fauve puppies

Thank you fauve family for your updates, photos and videos. Its lovely to see how the puppies are growing up.

For the first time I “whistle trained” the babies,blowing an Acme 210 dog whistle at the same time as I brought the food or their mother to them. By five weeks they were rushing over to me, and now in their new homes are responding to whistles to bring them back to a treat from their owners hands. Lets hope this good “conditioning” continues to work as the Fauves grow older and become less inclined to return to a call. Having good reports so far.

As always we invited everyone back to a puppy party when they were nearly six months old, played some party games with the pups and had a meal and a chat with prizes for quickest puppy at find the treat , that kind of thing – delighted how well everyone was rearing their puppies, lots of good fauve citizens growing up…..

This was Mungo’s owner report on his first week – he left here aged ten weeks.

Mungo Week 01

Delighted to have all the positive reports about my well socialised little hounds on their vet checks – especially the nice one reported back ” we havent seen such a well prepared puppy for its new home in some time”. Its a lot of work, but so worth it to have house reared, paper trained and brightly inquisitive puppies ready to adapt to their new environments – and we hope, forever homes…….

Photographs from first week in August. Photo credit John at Verrere ( as so often, thank you!). Marmie’s litter at almost nine weeks and Lucy’s puppies aged nearly seven weeks. see link……


We kept Murray for ourselves and he had a wonderful start to his show career with lots of firsts, including best puppy dog at Crufts – but alas, he grew too tall.


Some baby puppy photos


Lucy’s litter –  by Ch Mochras Melchoir ex Hibeck Creme Brulee, two boys and four girls, born 21st June. There are two dark girls and two red girls, and a dark and a red boy. The dark puppies always keep their black pigmented noses, the darker hairs become deep red in colour over their first year. It looks a rather nice litter and of course the pedigree is stunning ( three champion grandparents, puppy pedigree is line bred to the winning littermates and producers of champions of Hibeck : Charlotte, Clementine and Satsuma, with another line back to the first UK champion Finesse).

Lucy puppies, born 21st June
Lucy puppies, born 21st June



P1010980_3325Marmalade had three boys and a girl, by Irish Ch and CACIB winner Enclos Rallye de St Paul ( France), born 10/6/13.


the new arrivals, a day old.

the new arrivals, a day old.