2017 puppy plans and arrivals

We very much hope for puppies during Christmas week. We have imported a French champion dog who is mated to one of our champion bitches. 







We do like to meet possible owners ahead of time, so if interested in a BfdB  from us from a future litter do get in touch. We breed two or three times a year, or less, and always have a waiting list.

a four month bitch puppy by Jerome ex Ch Mochras Mahogany

We don’t rush our puppies out of the door at eight weeks of age – we prefer them to stay here, in the house, with their mother and relatives, until they receive their first injection and microchip, which are always included in the price of the puppy together with the vetinerary health check statement. We ( and our owners!) think this additional two or three weeks takes the puppy a long way further towards house training, sleeping through, and being better mannered around adult dogs. Our puppies are given lots of preliminary whistle training, they come to the whistle. They leave home with blankets smelling of their mother, masses of instructions, contact details of the rest of the littermate’s human families – if the owners agree – and life long support from me.


Finally, two links to the Kennel Club’s videos asking buyers to beware of puppy farms and dealers – Zetty’s 2015 litter is featured as an example of what to look for from a breeder, the babies are aged 4 weeks or thereabouts. I’m a Kennel Club Accredited breeder ( its nothing specially difficult to be involved in, but shows certain standards are maintained).



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