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As we reach the end of the year it seems the wins at the top level of Ch Melchior and Ch Mahogany have made given Mochrashounds ” Top Breeder 2013″. A great result, considering my first BfdB litter was only born 5 years ago. Four Irish Champions now, and an Irish Junior Champion, and the two in the UK, not forgetting Ch Marzipan our first export ( Norway).

Sweeping up the Autumn results – Annie her first two res CCs and Tid another CC from the BfdB Club Championship show.

Aug 13: Its been some time since I updated this list and the wins have been coming thick and fast ! Another double for Ch Melchior and Ch Mahogany at Paignton from Mark Cocozza, following Annie’s third CC at Leeds ( Ir Ch Milo was third in open there). Hound show, just Harmonie and matriach Ir Ch Clementine, the latter winning veteran bitch.WKC, Annie CC and Harmonie won Junior – en route to Ireland, where Harmonie won her Irish Junior Champion title with five excellents and Annie was BOB three times and Green star winner five ( Harmonie took the sixth one !).

Windsor, fauve family excelled themselves here under French Hound specialist Linda Skeritt ( Monkhams). Ch Melchoir CC, Mahogany ( Annie) second CC, BOB and pulled into final few of the Hound Group. Casper second in puppy dog.

Southampton, delighted that Ian and Jo’s Bramble ( Muscadet, Ch Latour x Ch Clementine) actually stood still on the table and earned her first prize. Annie was best of breed this time, over milo, and the pair were second in a big brace class.

Three Counties and I will always enter hounds for Mr Howard Ogden, always so kind to the dogs and interested in the breed. Zetty took her fourteenth first prize and Annie was reserve best bitch, winning open.Won Fauve breeder group but didnt stay to the end for the Hound group competition.

Southern Counties Another good show for us, a Finnish judge. We like the Scandinavian judges as they are well trained, know construction, and you can guarantee they wont be ” looking up the lead” at faces, which in my view is the bane of dog shows, when judges dont judge whats on the ground on four legs…. rant over ! Annie best bitch, beating three champions. Casper won puppy dog, Zetty won Junior bitch. This is Zetty’s thirteenth first prize, she is still unbeaten in her classes. It cant last….Even better, our breeder group was second in the Hound breeder group in stiff competition.

Bath and Zetty won Junior.

Guildford (Open) Ir Ch Milo Best of Breed, with Annie second to him in open. This was a great show for the Mochrashounds, as Caroline and Garth’s Maple, Annie’s sister, made her second visit to a dog show and was reserve Best of Breed. Young Harvey ( Marmite) did very well to be third in Junior, he was beautifully handled by young Holly. We had a small family gettogether which the hounds thoroughly enjoyed !

Birmingham National Annie Challenge Certificate, Tid res dog CC. Milo and Marmalade’s father completed his title and is now CH and Irish Ch Venquest Popcorn at Hibeck – thank you judge Zola Rawson, Hibeck and Mochras took all four top awards and young Casper qualified for Crufts.

The Mini Circuit ( Ireland, early May Bank Holiday weekend)

South Tipperary Annie Green Star, her seventh, completing her Irish title. Zetty 1st junior and res green star.

Fermoy International Annie reserve CACIB and Zetty 1st junior. Zetty was in contention to win overall best bitch ( at 12 mths two weeks!) but I chose wrong and handled Annie in the challenge, which meant Zetty didnt show well enough for Stephanie. My mistake…. I’ll keep to Zetty the next time i have two in the challenge, she is such a mummy’s girl…..

Hound Association of Ireland Annie green star bitch and Best of Breed. Zetty won junior

WELKS Zetty won her first junior bitch class – she remained unbeaten as a puppy !

Basset Fauve Open show Zetty won puppy bitch and Milo second in Open dog, Lucy won post graduate bitch.

Ashbourne and District – Zetty ( Mochras Marmoset) best puppy in breed and fourth in the Puppy Hound Group.

Maidenhead and District – Zetty best of breed as well as best puppy and third in the (adults!) Hound Group.

In Norway, Marzipan is now a full champion and has her hunting certificate. Well done little Miss ! the judge admired her dedication on the trail of hare, no other fresh scent distracted her from the animal she wanted and he noted he had never judged a Basset breed with such dedication to the one type of prey animal.