The Basset Fauve de Bretagne as a companion

We are so fond of these little hounds, most owners do have a second if they chose the right breed when they selected their first BfdB. Maybe some of these shots will help you see why. They can be  sweet, sensitive, loving – cloth eared, adventure minded, independent – so please don’t look for one of the breed unless you love exercise, have a safely fenced garden, and are tolerant and yet clear with your training. Recall might well never be safe in all areas, they love to hunt a scent trail. 

Some photographs from Mochrashound owners – with my thanks. 


Mochras Marc, the breed’s first Junior Warrant winner, at home in Kent – playing statues on top of owners new pond.
Mochras Marais ( Rudi) owned by Mona Chivers




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